International Foreign Direct Investment conference

Event: Limburg Unlimited
Topic: Extra Energy for Economic Expansion (E4)
Venue: MECC Maastricht
Date: 28th & 29th March 2018

This international conference during the event Limburg Unlimited informs and inspires ambitious professionals in international business development and trade and investment promotion. The conference connects them with multinational corporations with expansion and investment plans. In addition, government agencies, such as Investment Promotion Agencies, Cities and Science Parks will have ample opportunity to speak with potential foreign investors.

The programme consists of  matchmaking sessions between Chinese, US and European companies, presentations by world leading speakers about trends, which have an impact on  global trade and foreign direct investment, city and science park development, and some industrial sectors, such as the automotive and life sciences industries. This conference is not to be missed by any professional, who wants to valorise the economic recovery and new sectoral and technological developments.

The international conference provides Extra Energy for Economic Expansion (#E4) and will focus on the following topics:

  • Corporate Investment Drivers, Trends, Challenges and the Future of Foreign Direct Investment
  • The Development of Smart Cities and Science Parks
  • Opportunities of China’s One Belt One Road project
  • Changes in the tax landscape for multinationals in the EU
  • Best practises on Corporate Site Selection
  • Optimizing your (digital) marketing communication mix to attract foreign investors

This international conference will bring together:

  • Private sector representatives of multinational corporations
  • Companies with expansion plans in foreign markets
  • Representatives from cities, interested in Smart City developments
  • Representatives from Science Parks, interested in best-in-class practices
  • Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA’s) and Economic Development Organizations

Keynote: The impact of China’s One Belt One Road-project
Presentation by the Chairman of the One Belt One Road Culture and Trade Promotion Association, Mr. Li Qi who will be a leader of an incoming mission from China

Since its introduction by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, the “One belt, One road” initiative has attracted considerable attention. It is an ambitious plan to revitalize the ancient Silk Road overland and maritime trade routes linking East and West. The project, which involves more than 60 countries and quite a few international organizations, implies unprecedented opportunities and challenges.
Mr Li Qi will address these questions in his keynote speech:

  1. What does this One Belt One Road-project mean for Europe, for international trade and investment?
  2. How could European countries and cities utilize this immense project for attracting more trade and investment?
  3. What does the One Belt One Road-project mean for logistics centers in North-Western Europe and their Gateways, such as Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg?
  4. Will it have an impact on their competitiveness compared with ports in Central and Southern Europe?

The Chairman of the One Belt One Road Culture and Trade Promotion Association, Mr. Li Qi

Meet multinationals with expansion plans
During the conference, delegations will participate in the matchmaking program. These representative of multinational enterprises are interested in new business partners and investment opportunities.

Confirmed delegations:
People’s Republic of China

We are fine-tuning the last details with delegations from:
Russian Federation

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