International Conference The New Silk Roads and Investment by Chinese companies

International Conference
The New Silk Roads and Investment by Chinese companies:
extra energy for economic expansion in Europe (E4)

May 8th 2019,  – The Netherlands


13.00       Welcome and introduction by our moderator


Jan Siemons, Chairman of the International Trade & Investment Center (ITIC) and Secretary General  Europe of the  One Belt One Road Culture and Trade Promotion Association, the China Commerce and Trade Association, and alliance partner of Nation Branding & Investment                  

13.15        Keynote: The impact of China’s One Belt One Road-project

Chairman of the One Belt One Road Culture and Trade Promotion Association

Mr Li Qi will address the following questions in his keynote speech:

  1. What does this One Belt One Road-project mean for Europe, for international trade and investment?
  2. How could European countries and cities utilize this immense project for attracting more trade and investment?

The keynote speaker will be a leader of an incoming mission of investors from China. Participants of the conference will have ample opportunity to meet the executives face-to-face during the event.

14.00   The reliability of Chinese investors 

Ron Keller,  former ambassador for The Netherlands  in China, Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia

We are living in a world in which markets are increasingly volatile, uncertain, and complex. At the same time, globalization and protection occur. In this session, our excellent speaker will discuss trends of investments by Chinese in relation to the Belt & Road Project, different viewpoints of these investments in Europe, and the best practices of attracting investments from China.

14:30 Experiences of a logistics company with the One Belt One Road

Roland Verbraat, General Manager GVT Group of Logistics 

The general manager of the GVT Group of Logistics, Roland Verbraat, will explain the business they do within the context of the Chinese One Belt One Road-project. Their experiences, future growth and opportunities they expect will be discussed.

15:00   One Belt One Road will change the attractiveness of regions and the competitiveness in logistics

Rob Brekelmans, CEO Transorium Company Support

Rob has a very broad global experience as expert in supply chain management and logistics. Over the last 5 years, he is very much involved in China business and has concerns about the way Western European countries deal with the Chinese One Belt One Road Project.

Rob will elaborate on the following questions:

  1. What does the One Belt One Road-project mean for logistics centers in North-Western Europe, such as the Venlo, Luik and Duisburg regions, and their Gateways, such as Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg?
  2. Will it have an impact on their competitiveness compared with ports in Central and Southern Europe?

Download here the full program:

Program incl speakers The New Silk Roads and Investment by Chinese companies – 8