International Conference

The New Silk Roads and Investment by Chinese companies: extra energy for economic expansion in Europe (E4) May 8th 2019, – The Netherlands

Dag 1
08 mei 2019

Keynote: The impact of China’s One Belt One Road-project

Mr Li Qi will address the following questions in his keynote speech: What does this One Belt One Road-project mean for Europe, for international trade and investment? How could European...
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Mr Li Qi

The reliability of Chinese investors

We are living in a world in which markets are increasingly volatile, uncertain, and complex. At the same time, globalization and protection occur. In this session, our excellent speaker will...
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Ron Keller

Experiences of a logistics company with the One Belt One Road

Peter Pardoel, top executive of the logistics service company Cabooter Group, will explain the business they do within the context of the Chinese One Belt One Road-project. Their lessons learned...
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Peter Pardoel

One Belt One Road will change the attractiveness of regions and the competitiveness in logistics

Rob has a very broad global experience as expert in supply chain management and logistics. Over the last 5 years, he is very much involved in China business and has...
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Rob Brekelmans

The investment and tax landscape in the European Union is about to change

In 2015, the OECD  published its Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit, altering the landscape for multinational companies (MNCs). What is the impact of the planned tax reforms for...
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Steef Huibregtse